Advancing Digital Disconnection Research

The pre-conference will be organised in connection with ECREA

Trine Syvertsen, University of Oslo (
Brita Ytre-Arne, University of Bergen
Faltin Karlsen, Kristiania University College
Maria Jose Brites, Lusófona University of Porto
Rita Figueiras, Catholic University of Portugal 
Kim Schrøder, Roskilde University
Stine Lomborg, Copenhagen University

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Brief description

Over the past years, digital disconnection has attracted interest across media and communication studies. “Digital disconnection” as well as related concepts (non-use, abstention, avoidance and detox) are discussed in a growing number of publications. However, questions are also raised about what disconnection really means and how we can study it, about paradoxes and inherent dilemmas that affect research on disconnection as well as the phenomenon itself. The time has come to critically consider the contributions, challenges and promises of digital disconnection research. This preconference invites papers on digital disconnection as a concept and area of research, and engages participants in a dialogue concerning contradictions and dilemmas, as well as future possibilities and agendas.