Improving publics participation through strategic communication

The pre-conference will be organised in connection with ECREA


José Gabriel Andrade, Minho University 
Ivone Ferreira, Nova University
Ana Raposo, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute
Sara Balonas, Minho University

The pre-conference is organized by:
Organizational and Institutional Communication SOPCOM Working Group Advertising SOPCOM Working Group

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Keynote Speaker
Magda Pieczka, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Brief description

We are facing an era of permanent search for new answers o the contemporary environmental, political and social challenges. The publics, as producers, receivers or users have wide access to information and tend to me more exposed to communication, being an essential element in this equation.Publics are at the origin of the paradigm changes, thus they have the power to influence behaviours, individually or being part of organizations and they ask for different ways of behaviour from the organizations. From the other side, themselves, acting as citizens, are at the same time change agents with a strong ability to influence decision making.Considering the role of strategic communications not only for the organizations but also to the society, publics’ dimension must be considered as an essential element. When understanding strategic communication as a strategic function with clear goals to achieve, stakeholder mapping i.e., the work to and with publics it’s not a nice, but a must have in the whole process. Through strategic communication operationalized via public relations and advertising actions it’s possible to improve the publics knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.
In this context, can strategic communication be understood as a way to boost publics participation, assuming them as key players in a changing environment?