TWG Health Communication

Date of pre-conference:  October 2nd 2020 with a Get Together at the  October 1st

Please find the program here

Call for papers deadline:  30 May 2020 (500 word maximum abstract)
Authors Notification: August 2020
Venue: a virtual conference will be organized. Details to be specified.

Program chair: Doreen Reifegerste
Local host: Fernando Catarino (Lusofona University, Portugal)
Contact: TWG Health Communication (

Aim and Scope of the Pre-Conference

For our preconference we invite proposals that focus on different forms of communication in the context of health. This includes media issues, such as media coverage of health topics, health literacy, information seeking behaviour, usage and effects of health messages; strategic issues, focusing on communication strategies and prevention campaigns, narrowcasting health messages, and health public relations; health technologies issues, such as usage and effects of novel health technologies, communicative challenges related to novel technologies, e-health, telemedicine; social and community issues, such as health-related interpersonal communication, social influence and support, as well as community health risk management; patient-provider issues, such as determinants, content, and outcomes of patient-provider interactions, communication skills, or trust and disclosure in interactions; intercultural issues, such as health communication for ethnic minorities, challenges of intercultural health communication, and cross-cultural differences in health communication issues; methodological issues, comprising methodological innovations and challenges in current health communication research, both qualitative and quantitative approaches; academic issues, such as self-observations and introspective studies in the field of health communication. We welcome empirical studies, theoretical contributions, and literature reviews. Beyond theoretical conceptions and empirical studies from single European countries we are especially interested in contributions reflecting comparions of multiple European countries or overviews of various countries.

The pre-conference aims to assemble scholarship on health communication from across Europe and from a multiplicity of backgrounds. It is also our aim to stimulate joint projects, discussion and to give new impulses for research on health communication in Europe.

Abstracts of 500 words (excluding tables, figures, and references) must be written in English and should outline the research topic as well as the theoretical and methodological approach. Pictures/tables/charts are allowed within the abstract but do not count againts the word count. All abstracts will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Submit your abstract as an e-mail attachment with no references to the author(s). Author(s) details (name, affiliation and contact details) must be included in the e-mail message to