Pre-conferences guidelines

Information for Organizers of Pre-Conferences ECREA 2021

Official ECREA 2020 pre-conferences are approved by ECREA and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the ECREA 2021 conference. For the evaluation of the pre-conference proposals, please send the following information to name and contact of the Coordinator/s; title of the pre-conference; short description; date; deadline for submissions; and link of the pre-conference website or link to the organizing entity.

Pre-conferences are organized as separate events with their separate budget and their own organizers. They also should have discounted fees for ECREA members. 

We have collected some information hoping that this will make planning and organizing your pre-conference a bit easier.

Budget and payment

All pre-conferences need to use their own budget. ECREA 2021 cannot support the pre-conferences financially. When calculating the participation fees, please include discounted fees for ECREA members. You will also need to manage the payment methods yourselves.

Conference rooms

LOC contact:

The University of Minho has a specific room reservation service, which will be responsible for reserving the places required for each pre-conference. Please do not reserve any room before contacting the LOC and before knowing that the conference has been accepted as ‘official ECREA pre-conference’. Payment for these rooms is handled directly by this service and is the responsibility of the pre-conference organizers.

You can find more information about University of Minho’s rooms in and


The University of Minho also has a specific catering service. For reservation off coffee breaks or lunches you may contact the Social Action Services of the University of Minho through Dr. Maria José Gonçalves ( 

Internet services

To allow internet access to all participants it is possible to request the creation of a specific network for the event through the email Upon request a specific internet account is created for the event, working on the selected day and places. Login and password are sent to the pre-conference organization.

Communication and promotion

We will promote your pre-conferences on the official ECREA 2021 communication channels. All pre-conferences will be listed on the ECREA 2021 conference website with the following information: pre-conference theme, short description, date of the conference, deadline for submissions, link to your pre-conference website. If you have not done so yet, please provide us with this information. 

If you promote your pre-conferences on social media channels, please also use the hasthag #ecrea2021braga and identify us through @ecrea2021braga. We will be happy to share and spread the information on our channels, too. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions.