Visual Work in Progress

Date of pre-conference: 2 October 2020

Call for papers deadline: 
Submission until mid May
Review until end of May
Program live June

Maria Schreiber, University of Salzburg (

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Brief description

The pre-conference will focus on “visual work in progress”, mainly the conceptualization of and methodological approach to visual data in ongoing research projects. We plan to work with concrete sets of visual data and/or text drafts in small groups in a workshop setting.
Visual cultures as an emerging field of research and also recently approved ECREA section are important sites of ongoing social transformations and spaces for negotiation of trust, power and intimacy: What is made visible how to whom with what effect? Who are the actors involved, which media, formats, genres, technologies, aesthetics, platforms are relevant? Visual media became crucial elements of interpersonal communication and are omnipresent in social media, but also remain important in classic contexts like journalism are advertising.
Working with visual data in media and communication research is a challenging endeavor: ontological, epistemological, ethical and practical questions accompany the research process. The abundance of visual material in social media and the intertwining sites of production and reception does not make it easier.
All participants will gather in small groups and discuss the concrete data and projects in parallel sessions.
Potential participants can propose their topics and their data to the workshop organizers, and we will select about 4 to 6 projects, depending on how many submissions and participants we get. The pre-conference will take place on October 2nd, and end right in time for the Opening ceremony.