What are the ECREA Conference organizers doing?

The conference organizing committee is working hard to provide a more sustainable conference and it is looking for expert advice and for your suggestions to do a better job.

Some initiatives:

  • Encouraging the organization of sessions on sustainable meetings and brainstorming on future more sustainable meetings;
  • Recycling and reducing materials and waist is a crosscutting conference concern;
  • Conference staff is being trained on sustainable meeting practices;
  • Conference Program will be digital. Print programmes will be the exception delivered only upon request;
  • Name tags will be reused or recycled;
  • Conference kits will be minimal and based on locally produced materials;
  • Portugal has quality tap water, which will be used during the conference;
  • Conference food will be based on local and seasonal products;
  • Food leftovers will be distributed to social institutions through existing networks;
  • Members of the conference staff will be designated to reduce electricity consumption during the event (lights, projectors and AC).