What can you do as Conference participant?

Some ideas:

  • Plan your trip to Braga in advance and try to use direct flights to Porto international airport;
  • Take trains if the distances and your time frame allows you to do it;
  • From the Porto airport to Braga, use public transportation;
  • In Braga, use public transport which is free of charge for all registered participants and/or bring a comfortable pair of shoes and walk;
  • Calculate carbon emissions generated in travelling to conference and contribute to a credible carbon offsetting project;
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and drink tap water;
  • Use the recycling bins in the conference site and recycle all conference materials you do not need to bring back home;
  • Reduce energy consumption in the conference site and hotel by reducing lights and AC whenever possible;
  • Try to reduce your environmental impact at hotel (e.g. reuse towels).